Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am currently referring to my derelict couch as "Gertie". She will be formally christened when she is complete (after I ScotchGuard the crap out of her). I've spent almost $200 on supplies so far, but hopefully it will be worth it! Now all I need is a staple gun and I will be able to get cracking. Above is Gertie's pee-stained, poop-green tweed exterior. We ripped a big hole in her backside while we were squeezing her through the doorway. Hm. That sentence sounded a little wrong.
This is after I freaked out from the awful stench and scrapped everything except what is now called the "couch bones". And hey, guess what? It STILL smells(it's those darn springs). I've got a date tonight with a brillo pad and a can of Comet.

This is a crappy photo of the fabric I bought. I really wanted to use an Anna Maria Horner botanical print, but it was $16 a yard. The stuff I got at coughwalmartcough was $5 a yard (sorry, Anna Maria Horner). I'm going to use those strips of gingham for the piping, which will be a big pain in the butt to do, but oooooooh well.

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