Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Baby!

I am only exaggerating a teensy bit when I say that EVERYONE I KNOW IS PREGNANT OR A NEW MOTHER! And it's frickin exciting. I love tiny people that eat and poop and veg out.

I think I've mentioned that my friend, Winnie, was pregnant. She finally had her baby on March 21 and I got to see him a week ago. His name is Lincoln and he is soooo handsome!
Here is the blanket I made for him. It's the biggest project I've ever crocheted, but as far as blankets go, it's still pretty small. Part of it is because of this disease I have, YCADD - Yarncraft Attention Deficit Disorder. I am not kidding. I can hardly sit down and crochet/knit/etc. for five minutes before I begin to lose focus. It took me literally TWELVE YEARS to finish a latch hook rug(that is first grade to senior year of high school, people!). So this wonky blanket is a miracle! I hope that it is loved and spit up on and worn out and slept under for years and years.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why I Will Name My First Daughter Intarsia

When I look at this sweater, I like to fabricate false memories about how my parents' failure to buy me a glitter intarsia unicorn sweater fifteen years ago is the cause of all of my current psychological problems and that by walking around pantless in this Eley Kishimoto "Shaman Tiger Walks On Thunder" knit tunic, I could make all of my imaginary troubles disappear.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mein Hut/N'a Pas/Drei Echen

After a couple of knit-a-thons, I finally completed my Steve Zissou hat. I was really happy with the pattern - it was the Needle Beetle's "Seaman's Cap". I followed the directions for the size large (because my dome be HUUUUGE), but it actually turned out a little too loose. This could either be because my head is not as hefty as I thought, or because I don't even know what size my needles are and I refuse to knit pre-project test swatches - forget that garbage!
Jaguar Shark, here I come.
In other news, Wiki and I got together this afternoon for a flippin' craftravaganza. Look at all of our beautiful headdress-making supplies:
I was rather unsatisfied with my kindergartener-on-crack creation, but Wiki is stunning in her British Officer/Pirate/Trash-Treasure chapeau, no? This photo certainly does not do it justice.

Seriously, more people should wear things on their heads. It's fun, and funny.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Aren't violins lovely things? This one is on loan from He-Man's sister. Sometimes, instead of actually practicing, I just like to take it out of it's case and lay it in my lap and look at it. The craftmanship put into musical instruments is really a thing to behold. Now I want to be a luthier. Not like my creepy neighbor who orders pre-made dulcimer parts and slaps them together, but the real deal - the cutting and sanding and varnishing. Oh, I would love to make a living doing that.