Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mein Hut/N'a Pas/Drei Echen

After a couple of knit-a-thons, I finally completed my Steve Zissou hat. I was really happy with the pattern - it was the Needle Beetle's "Seaman's Cap". I followed the directions for the size large (because my dome be HUUUUGE), but it actually turned out a little too loose. This could either be because my head is not as hefty as I thought, or because I don't even know what size my needles are and I refuse to knit pre-project test swatches - forget that garbage!
Jaguar Shark, here I come.
In other news, Wiki and I got together this afternoon for a flippin' craftravaganza. Look at all of our beautiful headdress-making supplies:
I was rather unsatisfied with my kindergartener-on-crack creation, but Wiki is stunning in her British Officer/Pirate/Trash-Treasure chapeau, no? This photo certainly does not do it justice.

Seriously, more people should wear things on their heads. It's fun, and funny.

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