Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Baby!

I am only exaggerating a teensy bit when I say that EVERYONE I KNOW IS PREGNANT OR A NEW MOTHER! And it's frickin exciting. I love tiny people that eat and poop and veg out.

I think I've mentioned that my friend, Winnie, was pregnant. She finally had her baby on March 21 and I got to see him a week ago. His name is Lincoln and he is soooo handsome!
Here is the blanket I made for him. It's the biggest project I've ever crocheted, but as far as blankets go, it's still pretty small. Part of it is because of this disease I have, YCADD - Yarncraft Attention Deficit Disorder. I am not kidding. I can hardly sit down and crochet/knit/etc. for five minutes before I begin to lose focus. It took me literally TWELVE YEARS to finish a latch hook rug(that is first grade to senior year of high school, people!). So this wonky blanket is a miracle! I hope that it is loved and spit up on and worn out and slept under for years and years.


Stephanie said...

yay! i can't wait til i have a picture of my little one in your arms! that baby is really stinkin cute.

Breezy said...

i can't wait for Baby Dank!! i saw some adorable baby booties on etsy last night and thought of you :D