Monday, August 30, 2010


Even more Lincoln graffiti, including an inaccurate picture of Grag as an octopus with a piece of toast and a butter dish hat that Moko and I drew on the whiteboard in the computer science lounge.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


At 10th & P

Friday, August 20, 2010


Today on my lunch break I toddled around downtown in search of some good graffiti.

Somebody practices their stenciling outside the Coho. They must be an animal lover - along with the puppy and panda there was a monkey, too, but that one wasn't very good. Keep practicing, Animal Luvva!
This one is outside of Spindle.
And finally...another pink rabbit dog! I keep seeing them around, but they are always torn down by the time I go back with my camera. People should leave the good stuff alone.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I can already feel you in the wind. Please stop giving me uncontrollable urges to buy school supplies that I don't need. But do hurry up and get here so that I can whine about how I'm dreading winter and the onset of my seasonal affective disorder, and also so I can listen to Sigur Ros with the windows open and feel complex emotions which I do not understand.

Wheezy Breezy

Monday, August 9, 2010

GHF Trippin: Good Job, Washington. You Stayed Phresh.

I'm lucky that my job takes me to Washington every summer. It is a beautiful city. Even when it is 90 degrees and 90% humidity. I love subways. I love putting my ticket in the ticket taker and I love watching the crazy people and I love the way the wind booshes your hair when the trains fly by. I had a meeting at the old post office. There is a statue of Ben Franklin outside. He is thinking, "This was my idea. Isn't it grand?"Then there were more meetings at the ugly Library of Congress building pictured below. There is also the beautiful Library of Congress building, and the Library of Congress building that no one ever goes into or out of. It's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. They probably have Oompa Loompas shelving books.My favorite place to eat was the Hawk and Dove tavern. We also went to an awkwardly fancy Thai restaurant called Ten Penh at Tenth and Pennsylvania Avenue. It was decorated with colored lanterns and beautiful brocade upholstery. They gave us little warm washcloths to wipe our hands before we ate, and each person had their own waiter to spoon their food from the frying pan onto their plate. It was weird. I'm used to fake flowers and pushy waitresses.At night I walked up and down the mall.There was one hour to see a museum on the last day, so I ran to the Metro like a moron and zoomed down to the Smithsonian stop. The art museum has an Edvard Munch exhibit right now, but it was too far of a walk so I went to the Natural History Museum instead. It was neat and creepy. I had to pee so bad, but the only restroom I knew of was in the ocean room, and I just could not walk past all of those stuffed sharks hanging from the ceiling. ....
Ugh. My brain is not working so I cannot think of a beautiful, witty conclusion to this post like the beautiful, witty conclusions to all of my other posts. Coughcough.

I will leave you with this poorly photographed, crazy-eyed desert fox.
Enjoy your day, my babies, and go see Washington if you're ever feeling wanderlusty.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Suds and Duds

"How long that prewash goin? I ain't seen no soap yet!"

Dear fellow LaundryLand patrons,

Please say more stupid things so that I can live-blog them.

The Creepy Girl Sitting In the Corner Watching You