Monday, November 15, 2010

In which I talk about some things and other things

I spent a good part of the weekend sitting around in my cupcake pajama shirt and underpants(matching cupcake pants are in Denver, ok, and God forbid I wear pants that don't match), watching the Neverending Story and drawing comics.

Drawing for me is often really, really frustrating. I'm perpetually stuck in that little kid phase where accurately rendering hands and feet and sometimes noses is "wiwee hawd" and my lazy self hates difficulties. Right now, though, my art mojo is at full strength, and it is at those times that drawing is *creepy Edward Cullen voice*: like a drug to me.

So, uhh, I guess the whole point of that exposition was to say that I have 3 out of 10 pages of my Denver travelogue complete (it's a miracle, right?!) and hopefully there will be 7 more + 10 Missoula pages in the near future.

While you're anxiously awaiting my debut is some highly recommended literature to keep you occupied.

LONGVIEW by Maria Forde

Actually, everything by Maria Forde is pimp (River Phoenix triptych, anyone?), but this zine hits close to home seeing how I have spent many many days in a nursing home, visiting with my Grandma. 'Longview' is filled with pencil portraits of patients who live with the artist's grandma, along with some advice they give on livin' it up.

Old people are awesome.

Image from here.
Purchased from here.

I don't know anything about Lisa Hanawalt, but she draws pictures of animals in hats and mooses shopping for corsets. Right up mah alley. The zine's called "I WANT YOU #2".

I want you, too, Lisa baby.

Available for purchase here.

The graphic novels I love the most are the travelogues. Guy Delisle's wife is in Medecins Sans Frontieres, so he gets to go to cool, dangerous?, unwelcoming? locales and then he writes comics about his experiences. There's a book for Burma, one for Shenzhen, and one for Pyongyang.

I need.

Available for purchase here.

FRENCH MILK by Lucy Knisley is another good'un. Well, actually I can't say that since I haven't read it. But it looks good! A few critics gave her crap for focusing too much on trivial things and her whiny self, but that is what Breezy wants! Breezy wants to hear about you going to the Parisian laundromat and you flirting with Parisian boys and you taking for granted the fantastic Parisian vacation that is continually eluding Breezy!

*Cough cough*.

Available for purchase here.

And last but not least, THE WRONG PLACE by Brecht Evens.

It's in watercolor, and it looks classy.

Two characteristics I usually avoid.
In books and in men.
I don't know what a watercolor man looks like.

But artists I like like this book, so I feel obligated to at least listen to the cool people and give it a chance.

Available for purchase here.


So there you have it. Give ol' Breezy your recommendations if you know of any other good art zines/comics/graphic novels - ESPECIALLY TRAVELOGUES! And remember - Christmas is right around the corner *WINK WINK*

Monday, November 8, 2010

Now & Later

Last weekend I made a short film. And when I say "short film", I'm just being pretentious. It was actually a thirty second clip of me beating up my little brother.

A little less beaver this time: And a lot more crazy:
It will be up later this month.

But here is another video that you can watch right now:

My Alice.
She is mine.
You can't have her.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

No Vember

You guys,

Thanksgiving is in nineteen days. Do you know what that means? Two words: Stovetop Stuffing.

In other news: Here is a hat that finally got finished.

And here is a picture of Seward, Nebraska.

Monday, November 1, 2010