Friday, October 30, 2009



I'm going to glue buck teeth onto the bear mask and call it a beaver. Also, I have dubbed my faux fur leotard "The Beavotard". There will be mucho photos tomorrow, along with the story of how the Beavotard was made(oh hardy har, it's a good one).

I got a fish last Monday. He is pink and purple and my roommate and I named him Morgan Freeman. Mostly we did this so we could say things like, "Morgan Freeman was looking a little bloated this morning" and "Oh thank goodness, Morgan Freeman finally pooped!"

It is cold and rainy. Mm, not my favorite weather. My feet get wet, they smell, then I am sitting in a meeting and someone asks, "What is that bad smell?" and finally I slip altoids into my shoes when no one is looking. The altoids do not help.

I heart rustic living. Let's all be hermits.

at Platte River State Park

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jingle Jingle Jingle

You guys! It is not even Halloween yet and I am already looking ahead to Christmas! I need to stop doing that; time goes by too, too fast when I'm not livin' in the moment.

However, it is probably good that I am really trying to get the whole Christmas-gift-situation figured out early this year. I love my friends, and I so want to make them awesome, meaningful presents. The past few years, I have procrastinated too much and then ended up with nothing at all to give, so this time around I am starting early, thinking about homemade coloring books and paper dolls and other things that are too surpris-ish to mention. And then there will be the cookies and decorations and parties, too...
This photo is from my Christmas party last year. I think it was taken right after someone farted, as you might be able to tell from the facial expressions. It is probably one of my most favorite photographs ever because of this.

Now I promise, no more Christmas posts until December - SCOUT'S HONOR. The next post will be about my new pet fish, and then the next one about Halloween. I'm sure you're all very excited, hehe.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A List of Facts:

1. It is 11:15pm central time.
2. I am awake.
3. Sewing a leotard.
4. Made of fake fur.
5. To be worn with this:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dreamy Ladies

Last night I watched this and this..

And then I watched this. Takk, Gunther, for noticing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous Weekend

Last Saturday I went with Starkey and Gunther to Grand Island. It was grand. Hahahahaho.

No really. We watched the Harvest of Harmonies parade (best. name. ever.), and then we went to see Sasquatch! There is a house, just in a regular neighborhood, and in the backyard there are giant sculptures of Bigfoot and a T-Rex and a bunch of bug-eyed deer! If I ever get a house, I will have a giant statue of a twinkie in my yard, and you'll be able to squeeze through the creme holes and play inside. Mm. All of the children will love me.

Then we returned to Linktown and I went to Jessica and Matt's SHAMAZING wedding with MY WIKI WHO CAME BACK TO ME FROM MONTANA (just for the weekend). We boogied the night away and had an overall jolly good time. Here is a photo of me doing the polka in a dress that I made myself just for the occasion. It was very simple and perhaps I'll give a tutorial later.

(Yes, that is my telephone sticking out of my bra. Don't hate - it's a very handy place to store things)
You should go to the oh-so-talented Michaela's blog and check out the adorable wedding photos! I especially love the one of the post-ceremony bike parade :)
Happy Tuesday!