Friday, October 30, 2009



I'm going to glue buck teeth onto the bear mask and call it a beaver. Also, I have dubbed my faux fur leotard "The Beavotard". There will be mucho photos tomorrow, along with the story of how the Beavotard was made(oh hardy har, it's a good one).

I got a fish last Monday. He is pink and purple and my roommate and I named him Morgan Freeman. Mostly we did this so we could say things like, "Morgan Freeman was looking a little bloated this morning" and "Oh thank goodness, Morgan Freeman finally pooped!"

It is cold and rainy. Mm, not my favorite weather. My feet get wet, they smell, then I am sitting in a meeting and someone asks, "What is that bad smell?" and finally I slip altoids into my shoes when no one is looking. The altoids do not help.

I heart rustic living. Let's all be hermits.

at Platte River State Park

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Alice said...

That picture of Nicole looks like it's from Ginger Snaps--or its far inferior sister, Twilight.