Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Beav, and More

October 31st was a beautiful day weather-wise in my part of the world, and sadly it was probably my last really good day of bike riding, lakeside lounging, and outside cider drinking before the cold comes. Oh well.

That night, Gregoire and Moko Gobo threw a mean party, and by "mean" I mean...mellow. Below is the lovely ostrich rider, Matt K., from whom I ganked all of these photos. Thanks, Matt K.
From left to right: "Daria" [showing a lot too much leg], Large Enthusiastic Boy Who Couldn't Remember Anyone's Name, and "Michael Moore".
Oh Em Gee, "Slutty Spock". Best costume evah.
Daawuud was "Bro Magnon Man: half frat boy, half Neanderthal." I drew on his unibrow with permanent marker. Who knows how long he had to scrub to get it off. (Although, last year I drew my chest hair on with permanent marker and it came off quite easily)
From left to right: Pants Party Starkey - she bought XXXXL sweatpants and filled them with balloons, confetti and noise makers. In the middle is Pirate Potter, and then there is me, as the Beav. I almost [not really] died making that stupid beavotard. I thought I would be all smart and make a cast of my body to use as a pattern. This involved covering my torso in plastic wrap and strips of tape. I could not for the life of me cut it off, though, and I sat sweatily on the living room couch, waiting for my roommate to come home and help me until I realized that she was three hours away in another state. So I went back to hacking away at the thing; I seriously felt like I was in a Lady Gaga music video, tripping around my apartment in this weird, shiny green bodysuit. Of course I finally managed to get it off and it worked wonderfully, but that is on my list of things to never do again. Besides Gregoire's party, we went to a couple of others. There was a show at the Clawfoot House where Triggertown was playing some knee-slappin-bluegrass-jugband-I-don't-even-know-music. Unfortunately, due to my lack of vision and intense concentration on my fancy footwork, I totally failed to notice that I was being asked to dance by this handsome, bearded guitar-playing man who I have crushed on for forever. You guys, it felt like that one part in the Dennis the Menace movie where Mr. Wilson has spent 40 years cultivating his prized orchid, only to miss it's one and only bloom. MY ORCHID IS DEAD!
Just kidding, I have lots of orchids.
Let me know how your Halloween was if you haven't already, and welcome to No-Shave November! I am participating, but there will no photos of that here, hehe sorry! Hairy armpits are where I draw the line on this blog :)

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The bro-magnon is *too* funny.