Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kilty McKilterson

Remember when I said that I was making awesome Christmas gifts? Well I finished one early, and I had ants in mah pants about revealing it, so I gave it to Gunther early and called it a birthday gift.

BEHOLD, the fruits of my labor: 25 feet of wool-blend tartan transformed into... A semi-authentic MAN-KILT! (is that redundant? are kilts always manly?)
I was surprised by the abundance of handy kilt-making resources. This site is particularly good. I just followed the instructions, cheated with a little machine sewing, and cranked that sucker out in a day or so. The worst part was ironing all of thoses pleats, oh lordy!
Now the swine-flu infected birthday boy has something nice to wear while he smokes his pipe, haha.

[And oh la la, look at those legs. I promised I wouldn't post these on facebook, but nobody said anything about blogs (shhh!). Let me tell you; there are so many inappropriate kilt pictures out there on the interweb! I think I was blushing a little after doing a google image search, hm.]

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