Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ghetto Home Fabulous, Parent Style: Lil' Mimi and Buff Daddy

I just had to show you guys this -when I moved out of my parents house a year or so ago, I took my little bed with me so I wouldn't have to buy a new one. However, this meant that when I went back home to visit, I would be sleeping on a mattress on the floor or on the bunkbeds with my little brother(slumba party!). In the past couple of months, my parents designed and built this bed for me! Isn't it cute? My mom and I have different tastes when it comes to a lot of things, but I really do admire her strong sense of style and when this room is completely redecorated, it will go so well with the rest of the house. Then there is my dad who is amazing and can build anything out of anything! Someday I will do a post on the awesome Japanese puzzle boxes he makes.

Good job, Mum and Pop, and muchas gracias!
P.S. Look how tiny my old bedroom is! You can see how it gets such beautiful light in the mornings, though. It was a nice place to sleep and read and sew for 18 years :)

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