Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous Weekend

Last Saturday I went with Starkey and Gunther to Grand Island. It was grand. Hahahahaho.

No really. We watched the Harvest of Harmonies parade (best. name. ever.), and then we went to see Sasquatch! There is a house, just in a regular neighborhood, and in the backyard there are giant sculptures of Bigfoot and a T-Rex and a bunch of bug-eyed deer! If I ever get a house, I will have a giant statue of a twinkie in my yard, and you'll be able to squeeze through the creme holes and play inside. Mm. All of the children will love me.

Then we returned to Linktown and I went to Jessica and Matt's SHAMAZING wedding with MY WIKI WHO CAME BACK TO ME FROM MONTANA (just for the weekend). We boogied the night away and had an overall jolly good time. Here is a photo of me doing the polka in a dress that I made myself just for the occasion. It was very simple and perhaps I'll give a tutorial later.

(Yes, that is my telephone sticking out of my bra. Don't hate - it's a very handy place to store things)
You should go to the oh-so-talented Michaela's blog and check out the adorable wedding photos! I especially love the one of the post-ceremony bike parade :)
Happy Tuesday!

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A "cheery" disposition said...

such cute photos! I want a picture like the first one.