Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All the Hose Knows

When I was in church choir in the second grade, I distinctly remember leaning forward during the Christmas program and loudly proclaiming to my friend that my saggy-crotched tights were driving me crazy. Then the pastor's wife [who I totally did not notice] turned around and agreed with me that saggy-crotched tights were pretty much the worst thing ever. Um, awkward.

But actually back then I really did love tights; so much so that I wore tights literally 24 hours a day until my mom had a talk with me about "letting things breathe...down there", and now I am still obsessed with them and have made it my mission to find and wear the most obnoxious pairs I can get my grubby little hands on. Forget cotton, the nylon/spandex blend is the fabric of our lives, people.

Let's take a look at the fruits of my latest tights binge:

1. First off, I looked high and low for the best pair of floral tights and found this wonderfully inexpensive pair at Forever 21. I wore these all day at the library and then to the symphony that night and you wouldn't believe how many old ladies complimented my "neat stockings".

2. I haven't actually purchased these yet, but when I saw them on Kingdom of Style, I about had a happy-fit. Queen Michelle mentioned that they look very "Eley Kishimoto", which happens to be my favorite design house(tied with Bottega Veneta, mmm).

3. Finally, I discovered sockdreams.com from the Uniform Project blog. This sockdreams place sells every imaginable variety of sock, including thigh-highs, which almost count as tights. Also, they don't charge shipping for domestic deliveries. High-oh. So I got a pair of grey scrunchie thigh-highs that are kind of itchy and make me look like a Japanese schoolgirl, but are really big and warm and made of organic cotton. I also got a pair of red nylon stockings which are also very warm but almost uncomfortably snug(there was a disclaimer about this on the site, but when do I listen?).
Let me know if there are other swoon-worthy tights out there that I need to know about!

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