Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ghetto Home Fabulous, Episode 1

Note: A lot of this is redundant, but I just wanted to show the final photos of my little couch. If you want the full story, read here. If you're my facebook buddy, I've already posted the exact same thing on my profile so don't feel the need to read it again :)
Synopsis: Heezy Breezy pays loud, eccentric photographer ten dollars to haul couch from dumpster to her apartment, only to realize upon delivery that couch was in dumpster for a reason. Hilarity ensues as Breezy rushes to refurbish malodorous sofa before her living room is overwhelmed by the scent of cat pee.

Suck on this, Martha Stewart!

Tune in next week as Heezy Breezy offers helpful tips on microwave baking and how to properly panic when something is on fire in the kitchen.

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