Saturday, November 6, 2010

No Vember

You guys,

Thanksgiving is in nineteen days. Do you know what that means? Two words: Stovetop Stuffing.

In other news: Here is a hat that finally got finished.

And here is a picture of Seward, Nebraska.


minnja said...

Oh, so beautiful.... thanks for sharing:)))))


Aleks said...

a) Stovetop Stuffing is sold year-round!
b) Does this mean another post-Thanksgiving Tofurkey party? I missed the one last year.

Breezy said...

Dear Aleks,
a) I know, but when I restrict consumption to four weeks a year, I feel like it's ok to eat an entire box of the stuff in one sitting. I just love me some soggy bread crumbs.
b) There will be another post-Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't know if it will include Tofurkey, as we found out last year that that stuff is butt nasty. But maybe it's because we cooked it wrong... What should we try this year?

Aleks said...

Hmm. I don't do anything with tofu and the only time I have it is at restaurants. I was curious about tofurkey but I'll take your word for it.

I was looking at a PETA article about turkey alternatives. Near the end they suggest deep-fried tofurkey but this seems extreme. Even for PETA. But they also recommend something called Celebration Roast which looks interesting. Not sure if we can find it around here or order it online.