Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Tonight I'm playing a game called, "Putting Off Long Overdue Projects By Blogging About Dumb Stuff".

It's a really fun game.

I spent my fifth birthday clubbing a baby seal to death, too. (Plato does not think this is funny)
Oh look, the backside of a polar bear. This is super odd, but I just think his hairy little feet are the cutest. Also cute: camel feet and mole feet. Not cute: raccoon feet and woodchuck feet.Vandalism at its finest. This has been on the lightpost at 14th and K for about a week now. I want to find the person who made it and bake them a cake. Does anyone know what this is, though? Some obscure cultural reference? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a dog or a rabbit....

OK. Back to work. Bye.

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js said...

It is a terrible chimera with the body of a chipmunk, the paws of a rabbit, and the head of a lemur.