Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On Why I Was Not Allowed to Own Moon Boots As A Child

Howdy, Duders.
Lately, I have been spending all of my free time on Gertie the couch. Almost done (you can sneak a peek in the second photo down there). But last night at the magical hour of 10:53pm, my fellow spinster and I used a free moment to nuture our inner children and do a little craft project with some duct tape and leftover superfoam.

They're like beer goggles for your feet.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am currently referring to my derelict couch as "Gertie". She will be formally christened when she is complete (after I ScotchGuard the crap out of her). I've spent almost $200 on supplies so far, but hopefully it will be worth it! Now all I need is a staple gun and I will be able to get cracking. Above is Gertie's pee-stained, poop-green tweed exterior. We ripped a big hole in her backside while we were squeezing her through the doorway. Hm. That sentence sounded a little wrong.
This is after I freaked out from the awful stench and scrapped everything except what is now called the "couch bones". And hey, guess what? It STILL smells(it's those darn springs). I've got a date tonight with a brillo pad and a can of Comet.

This is a crappy photo of the fabric I bought. I really wanted to use an Anna Maria Horner botanical print, but it was $16 a yard. The stuff I got at coughwalmartcough was $5 a yard (sorry, Anna Maria Horner). I'm going to use those strips of gingham for the piping, which will be a big pain in the butt to do, but oooooooh well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mad Good Monday

This video makes me want to paint my face, pin balloons to my head, and get my boogie on in a station wagon.