Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The post where I say "wee" twice

You guys.

Frank and I discovered an amazing hidden Kansas gem last week called Sycamore Springs Resort.

According to their website, Sycamore Springs used to be, like, the "hotbed of healthy". The mineral springs there attracted all kinds of sicklies lookin' for a cure and the business people who made money off of them.

Nowadays, it's still a pretty impressive outfit they've got going - mineral springs (water tastes like meat, blegh), campground, tennis/basketball court, a wee hiking trail, mini golf course, fully-operational skating rink (!), and CREEPY-ASS HOTEL.

Creepiness factors:

1. Look at it(creepy!).
2. It may or may not be sitting where the old hotel/hospital BURNT DOWN(creepy!).
3. The main floor is littered with antique physician's implements(creepy!).
4. The lights were on, but nobody was home, as they say. Actually, we heard snoring but never saw the other guests(creepy!).

In all fairness, it was also super awesome. The main floor had a den with a fireplace/TV/radio and a bunch of board games. One of the toilets was pull-flush(!) and there was a giant clawfoot tub in the communal bathroom. We got a bedroom with big windows and cutesy quilts for $55 and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning drinking coffee, eating twinkies and potato chips, and writing scripts for Ghetto Home Fabulous: The Show. Hee!

I highly recommend it for a spooky-fun weekend getaway. It's only two hours from Lincoln or Omaha, just south of the Nebraska border. And if you do decide to go.....take me with you.

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