Thursday, October 21, 2010

Westward, Ho - Part II

You guys.

I just got back from visiting Sunshine in Colorado. What a lovely, lovely place. "Breathtaking vistas!" I shrieked as we drove the windy road through Rocky Mountain National Park. D-Bag replied,

"I took your mom's breath away last night with my vista".

I put up with the your-mom jokes since he tolerated my "white people music" on the ride down. And he gave me beef jerky.

We camped on the shores of Jackson Lake and saw a huge owl and some deer and this dead fish. At night, I woke up and heard crunchy little footsteps outside my tent.

We hiked up Shadow Mountain/Mount Shadow/Whatever. Sunshine told us the names of plants. There was a rock that looked like a sea lion, and one like Jabba the Hutt. We tripped over many tree roots.

At mealtimes, I sat around and watched everyone cook. This was the best pancake in the history of pancakes. Even with all of the bugs in it. Our last stop was Denver, where we rode around on the city bikes while S was at work. We went to the outdoor superstore, REI, and a very cool craft shop called Fancy Tiger.

In conclusion,
everyone needs to go to Colorado. It's great.

P.S. The photo above demonstrates how I lock my bike.


Immediately after this photo was taken, I broke the key off inside the lock.


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