Sunday, January 30, 2011


Tommy had me make a woodcut for his papa's birthday last week. Mr. B-Bo likes autopoint pencils, so that's what we decided to do a print of.

Here are some examples of lovely vintage autopoints from the 1920's: I haven't done a woodcut print in three years! Somehow I remembered to forget all of the safety precautions, though. Blood was spilt.
Above are the four steps of a woodcut (slightly out of order).
1) Paper to transfer the design to the wood block.
2) The original drawing.
3) The carved block.
4) A final print.
And voila, the final product once more:
The vintage autopoint picture is from here.


js said...

you should do etchings like rembrandt

La Bouilloire Noire said...

That is beautiful! You should get into doing it again! I haven't seen many things so beautiful or unique in a while.

Alisa H / Jake G said...