Thursday, March 8, 2012

Le Nouveau Bun

This is my new bunny, Rudy Cottonbottom, named after Russian ballet dancer and rug aficionado Rudolf Nureyev (the names Douglas, Jeffrey Lebunski, Archie, and Theo didn't quite make the cut). Besides all of the divots that he has already chewed/dug in my carpet, he's been awfully delightful. While poor Tildar spent most of her time sleeping and avoiding human contact at all costs, tiny Rudy enjoys running around my living room at breakneck speeds, being petted (!), and watching PBS with me. Hopefully he will never grow out of his awesomeness.


hotchocolatelove said...

wait! this post makes it sound like something happened to tildar!


ps. 2 posts in one week!! :D

La Bouilloire Noire said...

R.I.P. Tiddler. I'm happy Rudy is such a cuddle bunny though to help with the loss of Tiddler.