Sunday, November 2, 2008

What It Is I Do

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Veronika said...

Hi Breezy! Your nice comment made do you say it... Well - sort of happy!

I actually constructed my blog mostly because of Astrid - Johan, (fiancé, sailor and a visionary)is, sadly enough,fed up with both Astrid and the sea!!!
So my blog is somehow a way to honor both the sea and the "burial" of Astrid...
( Weird, I know...)

What kind of a place is the centralized Nebraska? A prairie? Any rivers running through it?

Well, I won´t write anything about Barack Obama now. I guess the whole world is busy talking about the new president of the USA. So I rest my case and look forward to read/see more of your nice and creative blog!
//Veronika, or, in American English; Veronica