Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When I Die I Will Become the Patron Saint of Baked Goods and Treadmills

If I have not already said, banana muffins are some of my favorite things to bake. Last night I ate an amount of banana muffins that I do not feel comfortable disclosing. Today I am buying a gym membership.


A couple of years ago Fish and I were baking muffins and we ran out of eggs. When we went next door to borrow some from a friend, his Arabic exchange student roommate answered the door.

"Can we borrow an egg?" I asked, trying not to do that thing where you talk to ESL people like they're deaf. Haani just smiled.
"An egg?" I said again, stupidly making an "O" with my fingers, like that was international sign language for "egg", baha! We eventually barged into their kitchen and took one out of the refrigerator ourselves.
"Can we have one?" Haani smiled and nodded.

Later, I returned to offer my thanks. "Do you want one?" I held out the pile of warm muffins. Haani took the plate from me and started to shut the door. "No!!!!" I shrieked, snatching them back. "Just one or two!"

I hope that he went home and told his friends that American women are pushy and manic, but excellent bakers. Haha!


Fish is now the unofficial Banana Muffin Ambassador to Russia. She tells me that banana bread/muffins are a rare thing over yonder. Good luck, Fish, as you spread the gospel of this caloric treat across foreign lands - I will continue the campaign on the domestic front until your return :D

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