Friday, April 16, 2010

More Buns, of the Sugary Variety

Yesterday was the day of birth of my beautiful Starkey. To celebrate, I created what I like to call the "Dirty Bunny" cakes, modeled after a picture my mom found in the newspaper.
I just took a round chocolate cake, layered on [cold] hot fudge sauce, oreo ice cream and another chocolate cake. After a quick freeze, I cut it in half crosswise and added the frosting and decorations(frosting ice cream is really hard! - that's where the "dirty" part of "dirty bunny cake" came from). The eyes and nose are m&ms, the eyebrows are tiny chocolate chips, and I cut the ears from envelopes, since that was the only paper I could find lying around(ghetto home fabulous). I forgot to add the whiskers, but you probably could use something like uncooked spaghetti, pretzel sticks, licorice, sour ropes, etc - work your sweet, jazzy improv magic.

I am going to go hit the hay now, seeing how I stayed up too late last night (unhealthy activities - french fries at the playground - turkey horror stories - plugging abandoned TVs into outdoor outlets downtown - photographing ourselves while sitting on random tandem bicycles), and tomorrow I am getting up bright and early to get on an AIRPLANE to go see WIKI in MISSOULA, MAN-TANA! Ahhh! Prepare yourselves for, like, fifty million pictures of mountains and sunsets and cool poets in the coming posts.

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