Saturday, April 3, 2010

Junk in Mah Trunk

Apparently I've been driving around with my entire childhood in the trunk of my car because when I cleaned it out the other day I found 1) The Black Stallion series box set 2) a shoebox of runner's up ribbons and 3) an envelope of American Girls paper dolls. What the heck? Some other treasures included:

This photo of my brothers and I molesting a deer in Colorado in 1996. Tube socks ahoy!This c. 1971 sewing book my mom gave me back before I was even interested in making my own clothes. Obviously I've made good use of it, hence my technically flawless bloomers, pfft.

And the creme de la creme was my old high school sketchbook. Since I am inept at xml, I have only these tiny scans to show you, but allow me to highlight their crappiness: On the left here we have Iekeliene Stange, my favorite model, with a cupcake-adorned slip-on shoe from Teen Vogue and a poem by Robert Brautigan:

If you will die for me,
I will die for you
and our graves will be like two lovers washing
their clothes together
in a laundromat
If you will bring the soap
I will bring the bleach.

On the right is Lily Cole in Hussein Chalayan. Above in bad French I wrote something like, "Without a doubt the silliest dress in the history of couture - it's called the topiary dress". On the bottom is a haiku by Taiga: "'Look, O look, there go/Fireflies,' I would like to say--/But I am alone." Emo much?
I think this one was supposed to be the "national folk costumes/ethnic patterns" spread. I'm still all about the lady matador style.
Anyone ever into Sailor Moon? I watched that, plus a bunch of Dragonball Z and Fruits Basket, but that was about the extent of my anime love. I was also pretty big into Japanese toys for a while, and brands like Tokidoki and Hello Kitty. On the bottom left page I have a random stamp and a poem from one of my dad's wacky treasure hunts. On the right page is a Tokyo subway ticket that I found in a library book, and the sketch at the bottom is copied from a bar of soap, I think? Soap or cigarettes.

Speaking of Dragonball Z, I had a big crush on Trunks. Yeah, and I was probably 15 or 16 when I drew this, if that tells you anything about my maturity. This Natalie Dee comic will explain the horse drawing - note the title. This is from a project I did the summer before college where I took ads out of Vogue and replaced the models with hamsters. Oh, the things we do when we are bored.

This concludes our short tour through my awkward, fretful teenage years. Stay tuned for more sketchbook pages and couture hamsters.

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