Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is Jojo. I met her two years ago in typography class. Jojo likes fashion, photography, crafting, baking, and all things cute. She and her friend Amy are driving to Montreal and they stopped to stay with me for a couple days. Last night we went roller skating with Moko and Starkey, ate pizza, and then had ze boyz over to play Nintendo 64, harrass Tildar, and [try to] make panda bread.
Note: Our panda bread did not look like this. It was more like "amoeba bread". Uck.
Today, Jojo and Amy will head towards Chicago and I will clean house. My new apartment is working out nicely, I think. This is my bedroom. On my bed is a quilt that my Great Grandma made, and Wiki's afghan. Outside my window there is an alley and a fancy yellow house. I keep opera glasses in the window sill so I can see who comes and goes at night while I'm in bed. I'm not creepy....just curious. There are plenty of mostly friendly cats in the neighborhood. I wish that I could find the one that I called "Core Kitty". She used to follow me to the grocery store and acted just like a dog.

There is also a lot of disappointing graffiti. This one is kind of stupid, but better than most around here. Like, there is some yahoo running around tagging everything "Diet". Too bad fines are so expensive and I'm in the habit of getting caught.

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