Sunday, May 30, 2010


This weekend I went back to Omaha to visit my family. Hotdogs were consumed and naps were taken. I saw my four brothers, too. Two of them are real brothers and the other two are fake brothers, but my mom calls them all 'son'. They lift weights and play college football and do MMA and go to hardcore shows, but don't be fooled - they are cuddly and nice.

We went out together like old times to the park downtown.

and took cheesy photos.

It started to rain down by the river.

Then it got dark....
and weird(er). (We spent a good long time trying to figure out how to unfold that stupid umbrella)

Crossed the fancy new pedestrian footbridge - there is a creeper on a Segway who "patrols the state border" and offers to take your picture here, hehe.
A spongey kruller would have perfectly concluded the evening, but alas, the downtown Donut Stop is closed on Sundays. I really wanted to get inside to photograph the amazing kitten-poster-covered(!) walls. Another time.

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