Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last Sunday, Wiki, Daawuud and I went to the Box for the final show of Lincoln's annual indie music festival. There, we witnessed the wonder that is called Pattern Is Movement. "Gay lumberjacks!" I shrieked with glee as two rosy-cheeked men with beards and suspenders took the stage to barrage us with their phat beats and quasi-operatic vocals. Unfortunately, though, due to an assortment of factors including but not limited to unrequited love and.....unrequited love, we left soon after their set.

"Something better is just around the corner," Wiki[God bless 'er] was telling a blubbering me when, literally, around the corner(OK, not around the corner but down the street) came the Pattern Is Movement boys! After professing our love to them, we had a wonderful chat and found out that they are the nicest people EVER! Then Wiki told them that I had purchased one of their shirts and was planning on making a dress from it. They gave me some styling tips(yellow leggings, white shoes, face paint, what?) and told me that if it was awesome enough they would post a picture of it on their myspace. This will explain to my coworkers why I'm spending my lunch hour every day this week embroidering like a Cambodian sweatshop slave. I hope those guys' eyeballs fall out of their heads when they see themselves immortalized in thread and pink cotton jersey - hee! I'll post pictures as soon as I'm finished.

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