Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Can't Ghosts Have Babies? - Cause They Have Hollow-weenies!!!

Halloween is fast approaching, my babies, and I hope you're all coming up with costume ideas as awesome as mine, HAHA! Just kidding, I'm not that vain.

Aaaaanywho, I don't recall from whom I ripped off this idea(some poor unrecognized cybernaut) but I am currently working on my TOM SELLECK costume. For all of you children who don't know, Tom Selleck played Hawaii-based private investigator Magnum P.I. in what, the seventies? eighties? I'm too young to know. The only reason that I am familiar at all with Mr. Selleck is that a relative who I will call "Linda" is obsessed with him and owns every piece of Selleck paraphenalia ever manufactured: magazines! calendars! coffee mugs! oh my! And oh, what she would not do for a cake such as this:

Check that chocolate sprinkle chest hair!

The costume will be fairly simple, consisting of aviator sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, khaki short-shorts, tube socks, a trucker hat, and a fake moustache. I'm also planning on semi-perming my hair and drawing curly chest hairs all ovah mah bosom - yeahah!

Now, I just need to get invited to a boss party(as my mother would say). Halloween is on a Friday this year!

UPDATE: Wait - what? I have an apartment! I have friends! I can throw a party! Mwaha!

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