Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No you fool! Race Bannon is LEFT-handed!!

Of course we all know now that imperialism sucks, but I'd like to send a shout out to the 19th century Brits for spreading the near east love by unofficially introducing the western world to the lovely head adornment known as the turban(don't forget badminton and pyjamas, either - woot!)
(quite the dome, eh?)
Also, I believe that Haji Quest was a proponent in demonstrating the accessory's utility:
-hide stolen goods - check
-signal rescue planes - check
-escape by way of upper story windows - check
-restrain mentally ill international supervillains - check

Later came Prada's satin jewel-toned lovelies, and finally, THIS:
How Ella came up with this idea, I know not. But let me tell you, I nearly crapped my pants with excitement when I saw it.

GUSH: The photograph alone is fantabulous, and I find this modern knit interpretation to be gorgeous and super relevant to the conservative/butt-freezing-cold environment that is called Nebraska. You can all bet your shiny boots that I'll be purchasing one of these puppies as soon as my paycheck is in my hot little hand.

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