Friday, February 6, 2009

Hurry Up, May!

I've never looked more forward to a summer than this twenty third one of my life. I think it has something to do with the fact that I've been sitting in a gray cubicle, in the DARK!, every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8-5 for the past few months. I think it also has to do with the fact that summer is filled with my favorite activities, and this year will be especially good because it's the first time in four years that I'll be able to stay in Lincoln with my bestest buddies.

On the agenda are barbeques, picnics, bike rides with the Fu Man Chicks, kite flying, krafting, sweaty dance parties, and SAIL BOAT BUILDING!

I've been forever obsessed with the idea of having my own little boat and floating along on warm, breezy days. How nice does that sound, really? Daawuud got this brilliant idea to start the Nebraska Puddle Duck Armada. Puddle Ducks are tiny, cute(ooh, don't tell him I called them cute) 1-2 person sailboats that you can build yourself for about $150. Several of my friends are each going to construct one, and then we will have a nice fleet for racing and staging pirate battles. I've already decided to paint my craft neon pink and christen it "Stikla", after the Norwegian princess who escaped marriage by becoming a viking pirate lass. I will be spending many a sweet afternoon out on the lake drinking iced tea and playing the melodica as loud as physically possible. Ahhh.

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Veronika Yngwe said...

Hi Breezy! This puddle duck model...What a cute little boat! I´ve never seen or heard of it before. Do you have to have a special certificate to sail it?