Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart Heart

Wednesday night was Wiki's very successful Valentine's Horror party. As the title suggests, we watched delightfully cheesy horror movies and consumed lots of tasty holiday treats. I didn't take very many pictures, as I was busy mingling, but here are a few crummy shots:

The hostess with the mostess was looking super fly. Everyone was encouraged to dress up, but in the end the only people wearing fancy duds were Wiki and I, and He-Man in his symphony tuxedo. Boo. Here's the rad spread. Take note -attendence at your event is directly proportionate to the amount of food you supply. The amazing gold and crystal candy dish was found in her grandma's treasure trove of a basement. And those are jello jigglers in the lower left corner - Wiki is a jello maven.
Finally, here is the infamous Ginger Snaps angel food cake (made from a mix). The back of the box read,
"Beat for five minutes until stiff peaks form." Hmmm....

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