Monday, March 9, 2009

Le Chapo Rouge, or "Don't you dare/Tell me what to wear"

I almost prefaced this post with a huge, crazy rant about how as a child (and still now, sometimes) I was deprived of the ability to freely express myself through fashion, and I have nearly let it RUIN MY LIFE. Then I read it and realized that it made me sound like I am mentally ill.
Soooooooo, instead of said rant, I will simply say that I like to wear what I like. I like suspenders and saddle shoes and monochromatic outfits and lumberjack outfits and gypsy outfits and cut-offs and turbans and wild hair and novelty socks and t-shirts with pictures of monkeys riding on vespas and neon tights and red stocking caps.

Red stocking caps make me think of gnomes and happy Scandinavian people and toadstools.

I will make one.
And wear it.
While sailing my pink boat.
In the middle of July.

Hel Looks
The Life AquaticSigur Ros

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