Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why I'm Going To Start Riding My Bicycle To Work

This morning, after I got on the bus, I waited with the other passengers for about five minutes while the woman behind me dug slowly through her giant purse, looking for her bus card. She finally found it and fed it into the ticket taker. Instead of going to find a seat, she continued to stand there, staring at the driver.

"Can you open the door?" she said.
"I need to get off," she mumbled. "...I'm not wearing any shoes."

We all looked down, dumbfounded, at her gnarly bare feet and watched as she tripped off the bus and back down the street where she came from.

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Red Boots said...

Barefoot on the Bus? Why that sounds like it could be a Meg Ryan movie! Brilliant, I used to think I was forgetful, but I've never managed to forget to put my shoes on - yet! x