Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do the Dancey Dance!

So, Wiki is gone, off to Montana to get her Master's degree in creative writing and become a famous poet. Sniff. But just before that, we had our prom party.I can't help but throw in a food picture every time. I made the cupcakes(the frosting was an unintentionally disgusting shade of pink), but the tiny, adorable sprinkled cookies were from Target. Hurray Target. Because Wiki has mad-good connections and very nice friends, we got to have the party in the fancy downtown theater. They were currently putting on The Pirates of Penzance or something like that, so we had some giggles messing around on the pirate ship set.One of these pretty ladies is going to teach in Tokyo(tear*), but the other is moving to Lincoln to be with me(hurrah!). My Starkey wins best dress of the evening. She is stunning, no?Daawuud got cool points for the smokin' tie.Meet the band: guitar, kazoo, trombone, vocals.

Ring around the rosie, I don't know how this happened.Grag was looking pretty fly. For a white guy.Matt wins best dressed male, I think. I was blinded by the light reflecting off of his plethora of sequins.

Oh man.
Good times.

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