Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today is my birthday! I am 23 and I do not feel 23.

My mum and pop got me a new Schwinn, and my brozos bought me a copy of Coraline. So nice.

I stayed up til midnight last night cleaning for when everyone comes over to my new(ish) apartment today. Now no one can be judgin' my toothpaste-stained bathroom or sink full of dirty dishes. But OH! I forgot to plug in the air freshener before I left for work. My apartment still smells a little wrong because of that couch.

Tomorrow is Wiki's and my "Awesomely Bad Prom" birthday party (we had to abandon the Lady Gaga idea when we realized that no one would be willing to dress up in leotards and crazy hairpieces). So I bought a neon orange satin minidress-thing from Forever 21, and I'm going to give myself a faux perm. There will be photos. Oh yes.
Ooooooooh yes.

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Blair said...

Happy birfday! It's unfortunate there will be no LGG party or the pictures that would have followed.