Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smelly Couch, Smelly Couch

I have not owned a couch in quite a while. This past year, I have spent a lot of time sitting on wood floors and beds and lawn chairs and papasans, while my buns longed for the tender caress of a sofa cushion. I could easily afford a nice thrift store couch, but transportation of large pieces of furniture is always complicated. So on Tuesday night, I did a little dance when I discovered a green tweed couch hanging out by the dumpster next to my apartment. I gave a certain eccentric Hong Kongese photographer $10 and together we lugged it up to my room.

Only a few minutes later, as I was driving my helper home, I suddenly smelled the smelly smell of something that smelled smelly. I shot an accusatory look at Plato and he denied being the source of any unpleasant scent. Later, I remembered the couch cushions that I had thrown in my back seat to carry to my room later. I think we all know where this is going....
Apparently, the couch was next to the dumpster for a reason. We will call this reason "Cat Piss". Being incredibly cheap, I refused to pay someone another $10 just to have the malodorous thing removed from my property, so I spent four hours ripping off stinking upholstery. Seriously, Cat, WHY?? The good thing is, now I have a chance to start from scratch with my lovely, non-smelly couch skeleton.
I would never reupholster it in pink, but isn't this one cute? I'm thinking green or turquoise. Or I'll wimp out and do tan. My lovely roommate is my polar opposite when it comes to decorating, so I will try not to pick anything that she thinks is hideous, hehe. I will be back soon with lots of progress photos.

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Roxie Tenner said...

I know it’s a bit late, but I’m glad that you finally ripped off your aromatic upholstery! Haha! Well, I hope that you already reupholstered your couch so that you can now sit comfortably. Anyway, I think there’s nothing wrong with the pink couch. It’s really cute! But of course, you should consider if the color of your upholstery matches the color of the room.

Roxie Tenner