Friday, June 5, 2009

The Addictive Qualities of Twilight the Movie a.k.a. Stephanie Meyer is a Devil Woman

Guys, I know that Twilight is supposed to be for hormonal preteen girls and it's really corny and stuff, but the other day while I was perusing Youtube, I accidently clicked on a Twilight movie trailer, and just like Mr. Darcy says - "I was bewitched, body and soul!" First of all, I am unexplainably attracted to skinny, pale, feminine British men with prominent eyebrows. Secondly, who didn't have a ladyfriend in high school who wrote a vampire romance novel with the exact same plot? Really!?

I just told Wiki that after we hung out last night, I spent almost two hours fiddling with my computer so I could find and watch me some bootleg Twilight. Then when I lost my shoddy internet connection less than halfway through the movie, I had a breakdown of crack-whore-ish proportions. Today, I had to go to Blockbuster and get a decent copy so I WOULDN'T DIE, and as soon as work is over, I'm racing home and watching the rest, sans interruptions. And I will dream of the day when a possessive, blood-sucking zombie falls deeply and violently in love with me, too....

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