Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This little site is so cute! It's been all over the crafty circles of the interweb lately, but if you haven't had a look-see yet, you should hop over there for a healthy dose of adorable-ness.The only bad thing about it is that it reminds me of my long, unpleasant dental history. When I was younger, I totally had a mouth like Sloth on the Goonies. My brother told me (and I quote) that my teeth looked like "the ruins of the Berlin Wall". After I had seventeen teeth pulled and spent nearly nine years with metal appliances in my mouth, I became one of my orthodontist's proudest achievements. Unfortunately, my future-perfect smile was tainted early on when, during a game of silent ball (remember that?) in the third grade, nose-picker Robbie Henricks shoved his beefy elbow into my tender incisors. Fast forward fifteen years to this summer when I was accidentally reminded that teeth are for eating and not for catching speeding frisbees. Now, I am finally forced to acknowledge the fact that a painful cruise on the Panama Root Canal is in my near future. ON MY FRONT TOOTH, GUYS! Drills! Needles! Hefty bills! I have no idea what it even involves, but I am so afraid to even google the term. I would really appreciate any comments along the lines of, "Root canals are really easy and fun! And your teeth will look even better when it's done!", even if you have to lie. Thanks.


hotchocolatelove said...


it has nice things to say and make you feel better :D

beside, you survived 9 years of orthodontics. how much worse could this be?

Kristina said...

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