Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Let Us Frolic In My Totally Dope Blanket Fort"

All of a sudden, I'm once again participating in the many silly activities in which I partook as a child. The week before Christmas, Roommate, Keert, Dick and I made grills out of tin foil and shot each other up with nerf guns.

Now blanket forts have become the old-new awesome thing with me. It must have started last night when, after "band practice"(that phrase is in quotes for a reason, hehe), I got that cozy fort feeling while sitting under GW's curtained loft bed. Then today, coincidence of all coincidences, I was perusing the fecal face dot com when I happened upon an old post featuring an art installation at the OK Mountain gallery in Austin, TX where the "beeramid" took center stage. Swoon.
Beeramid = giant fort, influenced by ancient Egypt and booze
Finally, upon googling "blanket fort" I came up with this little nugget, taken from a real ad posted on craigslist entitled, "Let us frolic in my totally dope blanket fort":

Yes, I know what you’re saying, “dude, that blanket fort sucks.” That would not be the first time I’ve heard such short-sighted criticism. Its structural integrity is dubious at best and there isn’t a whole lot of headroom. But c’mon, it’s not like I’m a freakin’ architect or anything. Besides, this little baby is just a prototype. I have vast resources of cushions for anchoring and blankets in order to maximize square footage. My living room is just waiting to be turned into a totally sweet labyrinth of love.

I am very open to suggestions in respect to design and construction, as I’d like this fort to be a shared vision. Much like the Taj Mahal, its intended that this little beauty will be inspired by a very special lady. Once our shelter is erected, we can move in and work on some of our higher order needs. Or we could just order a pizza and tell ghost stories. Please email me with a picture if you want to be invited to this living room party. It will be sweet.

PS: I’m allowed to have sleepovers.

That does it - next item on my list of social functions to organize will be a Dope-tastic Blanket Fort Party. It's gonna happen, and it's gonna be great.

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