Friday, January 16, 2009

Salt Valley Upholstery 101

Some very cool people are organizing a free school in my town. You can read a detailed article on free schools here, but they basically involve a group of people getting together to share their knowledge and skills in the form of classes, workshops, and clubs in an informal, non-authoritarian setting.

There was a sort of orientation last night, and I was super excited to see how many people attended. I'm going to be doing a workshop on furniture alteration/restoration/upholstery, which I think will be pretty rad. There are a ton of great reasons to pass up buying new stuff and instead just improve what you already have(or what is cheap, i.e. thrift store goods).

I am thinking that we will first have a dicussion about supplies, simple techniques, and take a look at what people want to alter. Then, shortly after, there will be a workshop where everyone can bring small(ish) pieces of furniture - chairs, ottomans, etc. - and we can share tools and supplies and work on our projects together. For any Lincolnites who are interested, I'll be posting more specific info in a few weeks.

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