Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Tonight I stayed in my nice warm apartamente and baked cookies while my roommate, Sammarino, finished her finals. I made peanut blossoms and snowman faces(totally cheated and used Otis Spunkmeyer pre-made dough - it cost SIXTEEN DOLLARS for a tub of it, but I am a good cousin and bought it from little Mikey for his school fundraiser). My mom found the snowmen in one of her "middle-aged lady" magazines and we both thought they were super cute, so I went out and bought bags of twizzlers, cinnamon melts, and candy corn - all candy I hate, woo hoo! I am too concerned with how cookies look, though. They can be slightly burnt and covered in icky candies, but as long as they're adorable, I'm OOOOOOK. Guess I'm shallow like that! Bwaha!

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