Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ghetto Home Fabulous: Lucy Cats and Crunchy Pointy Things

Lately I've been all researchin' mah heritage and such. I'm mostly descended from Germans (technically those pesky "Germans from Russia") but my Grandma Bettie was Swedish[-American] and I like to rub that fact in people's faces a lot for some reason. Like, "Oh hey, your Grandma grew prize-winning rutabaga? Well, mine was descended from vikings. Booya."

Anywho, during mah researchin', I found this bangorang recipe for Scandinavian "Lussekatter" which, in my Swedish-Breezy dictionary means "Lucy Cats" - something having to do with Satan, I guess. Apparently he hates the color yellow because it's all bright and happy, and Lussekatters are chock full of saffron, a.k.a. the King of Spices. I trekked off to Grocery Mart to get myself a little package of the stuff and I was much dismayed to find that it was MORE EXPENSIVE THAN CRACK COCAINE. So the Lussekatters will have to wait until I have Christmas money to "blow"(I made a funny!) on spices that cost $14.62 for less than an ounce. Ugh. Until then, all you rich people can look at the recipe here and have your servants make some for you, and all you poor people can look at this photo and drool:

Alas, poor people - do not cry. I have a recipe for you, too, which may or may not be as tasty as Lucy Cats, but at least it is extremely cheap and easy to make. The main ingredient is a classy little something I like to call "Crunchy Potatoes in a Can", made by those same charming people who crank out "Crunchy Onions in a Can". All you need is equal amounts of butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, crunchy potato sticks, and salted nuts. Melt the chocolate, mix everything together, and plop it out in clumps on a sheet of wax paper. I think these are usually called "Haystacks", but I prefer the monniker "Pointy Melty Cookies". I plan on making a bunch of and hording them in the freezer for my post-New Year's Resolution sugar binges. Mm mm mmm. Healthy goodness!

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