Monday, March 8, 2010

Trois Trucs

1. Mad props to the Alice in Wonderland costume designers. Alice's dresses are pretty much the only good thing about that movie.

2. I made black bean brownies on Saturday. I don't even like beans. And I didn't like these brownies. Hm. This is probably because I didn't run the beans through the food processor long enough. Blech. Also, if you are brave and decide to make these, follow the recipe exactly. I thought I'd be a rebel and tweak things like I always do (that's what she said), but seriously, don't skimp on any ingredients or else you will really taste those beans.
3. I fixed my camera so I can finally photograph my projects once more. All this balmy, rainy weather has me in the mood for artsing. Pictured here is the Daawuud portrait, and in the background, the awesome dancey-prancey gold leaf unicorn mug that we found in my fake grandma's basement. Fake grandmas are the best.


Alice said...

Yay fake grandma! For me, she is as real as can be. I wuv that picture, too.

Anna said...

I'm really glad you did the adam's apple justice.