Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whisker Time

Happy Mustache March, everyone. As you can see, things have gotten pretty loosey goosey on my upper lip (especially around that there mole), and I think it's about time to reclaim my dignity. I guess it's hard for people to take ladies with facial hair seriously. Good thing I just bought that 16-pack of pink plastic lady razors. Godspeed to those continuing on with this month's fuzzy festivities, and just a reminder: Junibrow June(soft J's) is only two and a half months away[?!], so get ready for that.

P.S. I just tried to make s'mores in the microwave with my leftover Valentine's Day candy. Somehow I managed to burn the graham crackers into little black squares. That never happens! How did that happen? Guh.

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ellen said...

Re: Hoffmaned in the Harlot comments I may steal that phrase as there Is a big steam press called a Hofman (go to a dry cleaners it's the press that is somewhat ironing board shaped with a lid that comes down and then you can press & steam the heck out of the garment with the press of a footpedal/ actually you can even steam with the lid up). Anyways the phrase will be "that garment needs to be hoffmaned"