Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope everyone had a wunderbar Christmas!

Santa and friends were extra good to me this year, it seemed. My funniest/favorite gift was a velour track suit from my mother. She is a huge fan of track suits, that woman. The past few years I have expressly forbidden her from buying me any sort of lounge wear(I hate that fashion limbo between day-wear and sleep-wear), but I finally caved when I started my new job and suddenly need something to wear after work that did not involve tights or footie pajamas.

And look at my Christmas present from Wiki(she has a new blog by the way - go read it)! She made it in something ridiculous like five days. That woman is a crocheting machine. There are one hundred granny squares, and each is a different color combination. Swoon.

And in keeping with my granny-chic aesthetic, I stopped by Anthropologie today on my post-Christmas spree and bought a BOATLOAD of dirt cheap china plates and cups. I am a happy, happy camper.

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Alice said...

Sanks for the shout-out, homie. Love you!!! (P.S. my word verification for this is "throway." Interesting...)