Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me

I spent yesterday in bed, blowing my nose on Amigo's napkins and downing medicinal tea. Today I was feeling a little better, but still bad enough to go to work in my swimsuit cover-up and Ugg-ly boots. So much for breaking that dowdy library stereotype(although that outfit sounds a lot worse than it actually looked). Oh well. After walking home through a veritable blizzard and totally biffing it on the icy sidewalk in front of the art supply shop, I'm now full of pork pot stickers(thanks, Jojo) and frantically cleaning, packing, and making/wrapping presents for my twelve day forced vacation from work. We'll see how many days I can last before I start going crazy....

I'm in the bad habit of buying myself a Christmas every year, which now that I think about it sounds pretty bad. I just can't resist the sweet winter time deals! This beast was $15 at Goodwill. So far, all I can play are a couple of Bach inventions and "Nantes" by Beirut, which I'm sure my roommate is getting reeeeeeally tired of, hehe.
To: Breezy
From: Breezy
Now, Wiki and I are joining forces with our buds, G.W. and South Dakota, to start a band of musical awesomeness - ukulele, drum machine, synth, violin, melodica, and electric organ. It's gonna be good.


Alice said...

I've been checking your blog, like 12 times a day! More posts, please!

andypoopoopants said...

Reading these are the highlight of my days! Keep 'em coming! I love the personality and humor you put into each one... they're cute AND funny, just like yourself. :) Since I'm [sadly] unable to see you and hear these adventures from you daily, I look forward to reading your blog posts, seeing what's goin' on in Breezy's life. I lovvve your writing!

~Andy Lindberg~

andypoopoopants said...

p.s. LUCKYYYYYYY!!! That piano dealio is effin' sweeet! =]

The Puritan Impulse said...

My roommate too plays "Nantes" non-stop but its on her ukulele. ;)