Sunday, June 27, 2010

99 Problems and a Beach Ain't One

Ha ha, I'm so clever.

The theme this weekend was "Gym Tan Laundry":
Gym = run around outside like a crazy person
Tan = get incredibly sunburnt because your sunscreen was expired
Laundry = what laundry?We went camping at Branched Oak. The water was nice and warm and full of seaweed. We pitched our tents right next to the water and went on a midnight canoe ride across the lake. It was creepy and beautiful. It's a nice thing, waking up outside. We sat here and ate smores, carrot sticks, and improvised pancake-balls for breakfast.Then I drove an hour east to meet my family at another state park. They had a different kind of beach. No fish but plenty of weirdos.

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