Sunday, June 13, 2010


This weekend...I went to a World Cup dance partay to watch my old friend Junior a.k.a. J-Boogie a.k.a. DJ Encuesta work those turntables. He lent me his German jersey (Mannschaft, woo!) and I met a nice German boy who was so happy that I was cheering for his team, haha. Saturday was the farmer's market. I got a cheddar loaf, a succulent, and a delicious, juicy tomato.I got on my bike and rode around downtown taking pictures of murals. These are next to La Illucion......Lincoln Literary Council... ....and Everett Elementary.
They recently replaced all of the bus stops in the city and I found all of the old ones down in the South Bottoms/Bus Stop Graveyard.Then it was off to Pioneers Park! It's nice riding alone because then you notice things that you wouldn't if you were busy talking with someone. Also, you won't annoy anyone when you stop frequently to take pictures of horses...and graffiti...and muddy creeks. I stopped and tromped around in this dried up old creek bed. My legs were really itchy after that.

Sat by the lake for a while and ate a carrot. It seems like that is a great way to weird people out, eating vegetables by a lake. Fruit is ok, but vegetables! Oh lord, no.
Down the street a ways is Lee's Chicken with this wonderful giant chicken-on-a-pole.

On the way home there was this hipster garage sale! Vintage clothing, quirky knick knacks, antique furniture, and ...
OH MYLANTA A GOLD LAMÉ DICKIE! I didn't buy it because I have the best self-control in the history of the world(not), but it was really, really tempting.
Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the Barney-the-Purple-Camel-Toed-Dinosaur-themed shorts that I've been sewing - SO EXCITING, RIGHT? The camel toe part was obviously unintentional, as was the Barney the Dinosaur part, actually. Sometimes I like to...uh...let my ideas work themselves out organically, except that when I do that, my clothing just happens to look like it was designed by Steve on Blue's Clues. Unfortunately.

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Alice said...

I love this post. I miss you too much.