Thursday, June 17, 2010

Deaf Banana

There was a secret basement speakeasy last night. I think it was actually more of a blind tiger... "Nothin' illegal goin' on here, officers..."
Most people dressed up like flappers or 1920s dandy-men. No one wore suspenders, much to my dismay.

There was homemade faux-moonshine ice cream, floating in more faux-moonshine. Renee is full of joy. She was our hostess with the mostess,along with Britt-Marie.We listened to Blind Lemon, took photos, and hooched it up.Hats were was Renee.
(Can you spot the creeper in this photo?)

Next up: Swedish party!


Alice said...

Grag looks handsome here, I think.

Breezy said...

Look at all of his unbuttoned buttons! Oh la la!